Q: What type of health testing has been done?
A: all breeding stock is out of fully tested parents, pkd , short hair only ,hearts etc. I will DNA test my stock in the coming months also.

Q: What type of shipping is available?
A: Kittens can be shipped directly or we can arrange a time for pickup.

Q: What type of food are the cats fed?
A: All cats and kittens are fed a high quality food. A mixture of dry, canned and raw meat.

Q: What is the minimum age for kittens to be picked up / delivered?
A: 12 Weeks

Q: What is the cost of each cat?
A: All kittens are available and priced at $1,200.00 USD. Shipping is separate as well as the crate. Shots and health certificate will be handled by me.

These are really nice cats and this is a wonderful hobby . They are treated with attention, inside and outside accommodations, vet checkups when needed , and a happy and clean , healthy atmosphere to thrive in. Visitors are always welcomed and you are encouraged when possible to see the parents and visit. I am very happy with the kittens I purchased and highly recommend these catteries and breeders.






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